YDL Volunteers for the Abingdon Marathon

Radley take part in a composite YDL U17/20 team arranged by the Oxfordshire Athletics Network. This team is currently unfunded and therefore relies on contributions from Clubs and athletes. In order to assist in raising much needed funds to support this team to ensure it is able to continue to provide competitive opportunities for our athletes we are looking for volunteers to help at this year's Abingdon Marathon (money is donated to charities and organisations in return for their help). YDL athletes, their parents, friends and families are encouraged to volunteer for this to support their team. However, all volunteers would be welcomed and would be very much appreciated in support of the Club.

Here are some details regarding volunteering from the Chief Marshal:

  • The minimum age for unsupervised marshals out on the course is 18. We did accommodate marshals under 18 a couple of years ago for the Nasio Trust who were fund raising for a trip to Kenya. Each volunteer was accompanied by an adult so maybe this is feasible for the YDL?
  • As for organisation, a central contact would be in contact with and would collate a list of volunteers names and contact numbers. I will then allocate individuals to sector marshals as required.
  • If the athletes are under 18, and no adult supervision is available, then they would be only able to assist at Tilsley Park or possibly assist at the car parks (College and Fit2Run) with adult supervision.

Further information can be provided if required but if you are willing to volunteer please let Kay Reynolds know.