Southern Women's League B Team

It has been decided that a SWL B team will be entered for 2011 but with the following criteria applied:
·         The team will use either cars or a self-drive mini bus to get to fixtures;
·         The A Team must be filled 100% (even if last minute gaps arise);
·         Athletes who normally go with the B Team may have to go with the A team just for one event (+ non-scoring) if required to do so;
·         No pressure must be put on athletes to complete or fill events, especially younger athletes who may not wish to take part (particularly at U13) or have a fixture the following  day (Oxon league or NYAL). These events will stay blank.
Team managers, when appointed, will be fully informed of the above criteria.
Adherence to the above criteria will be monitored during the season and this decision will be reviewed again at the end of the 2011 season.