Oxfordshire athletics network update

As you are aware the Club are actively engaged in the Oxfordshire Network.  The minutes of the recent meeting are attached.
You will see that under Communications with members etc it says that we currently do not use email – we are looking to change this and therefore please ensure the membership Secretary has any changes to your email address.
Although not minuted we do already have a school/club link with King Alfred’s Sports College in Wantage. If anyone know of other schools which may be interested in setting up a formal/semi-formal link of any kind, then please let Elaine Brew (School Coordinator) know.  The Network Activator will be updated on our current link.
If you have any ideas on how we as a Club could use some of the network funding then please let either Jason Crowther or Kay Reynolds know so this can be discussed at Committee.
Under AOB, you will see that it has been reported that we are progressing well with our Club Mark accreditation and hope to be in a position to be assessed shortly.  Final actions are being completed, i’s dotted and t’s crossed prior to submission. If anyone want to know more, please contact Kay Reynolds.  More information on Club Mark generally can be found here: http://www.clubmark.org.uk