Reminder regarding good health & safety

All those involved in our sport (coaches, athletes, officials and parents etc) are reminded that to ensure all involved remain safe and their health and wellbeing is uppermost in our activities, we all need to:
·         Ensure good health & safety practices are adhered to.
·         Athletes listen to their coaches and others and follow any instructions given at all times.
·         Follow the Clubs policies, procedures and codes of practice (available on the website)
·         Risk assess our activities where you have a responsibility for others (coaches and officials etc)
·         Remain vigilant (or ensure close supervision) at all times.
·         Ensure good practices including track and field etiquette (check with your coach if you are unsure what this is)
·         Ensure that you do not mess around, you think you are having harmless fun but it may cause harm to others inadvertently!
·         Report any concerns to your coach, an official or a member of the Committee at the earliest opportunity.
Thank you for your cooperation and continued support of the Clubs activities.
Radley AC Committee