Team Relay Marathon

There will be a relay marathon on Sunday 22 November 2015 at the Roger Bannister Running Track, Iffley Road, Oxford. It is open to all OAN clubs and will be a major fund-raiser for the network YDL team. This event isn't just for middle distance runners: sprinters, throwers, parents, friends and coaches are all welcome as it’s also a charity event!

The relay marathon will be run by teams of 26 or 27 people with 26 runners completing one mile on this historic track. The remaining 352 yards will be run by the team’s fastest sprinter who could have already completed a mile or could be someone fresh!

Each mile will be run as a separate race with cumulative times regularly announced to create a competitive spirit.

Each team is to raise a minimum of £675.

There will be England Athletics qualified track judges, officials and a starter.

All abilities and times are encouraged to take part in this fun yet competitive event!

Those interested should contact Peter O’Keefe