Club Kit

Radley AC sell various items listed below. All items listed on this page are avalible from Rose Webb, who is at most training nights at Tilsley Park.
Telephone: 01235 201080      e–mail:

  • Radley AC blue hooded tops with Radley AC logo - £20 for all sizes (see pictures below).





  • Radley AC blue club t-shirt with Radley AC logo - £10 each for both children and adults (see pictures below).


  • Competition vest boys/girls (in Radley colours) - £13.00 each, all sizes (see picture below). Athletes must wear Competition vests when competing for the club at league matches.



  •  Purple Radley AC bag with slogan - £4.00 each, all sizes (see picture below).



  • Radley AC Lycra crop tops and shorts are made to measure and can be obtained from who is our female kit supplier. You can download an order form and browse the sort of kit you would like. For up-to-date prices give Wasp Sports a ring on 01938 820481.


  • Optional clothing such as Rain Jackets can also be purchased from the club. The rain jackets come in various sizes to suit the ages 5 to adult (XX large) - Prices vary from £13.50 to £20.50. See Rose for full range.