Oxon League Presenations

A number of Radley athletes were invited to attend the annual Oxon Junior League Presentation evening on Tuesday 24th November 2009 at Tilsley Park.
Radley did well in the awards with the following achievements:
League records were broken during 2009 by the following people (who were awarded a certificate to acknowledge this great achievement):
U9B – Max Crowther – 600m and total score for quad kids.
U11G – Zoe Chung – Vortex and total score for quad kids
U11B – Robby Crowther – Vortex and total score for quad kids
U13G – Medan Humphreys - 1200m
U13B – Christian Von Eitzen – 1200m
U15G – Emma O’Hara – Discus
U15B – Jordan Dorrian – 100m and 200m
U17B – George Lane – Discus
In addition, the following Radley athletes were awarded the age group bursaries from the league:
U11B – Max Crowther
U11G – Zoe Chung
U13B – Robbie Crowther
U15G – Hayley Perrin
U15B – Jordan Dorrian
All in all a fantastic evening for Radley!
Written by Kay Reynolds