Important Coaching Information

Dear Coaches,
I have a number of key things to advise you of:
• Coaches Development Day - 3 April (10-3pm) at Horspath. There will be 2 workshops (nutrition and Long Term athlete development) and a general session with athletes. If I get more detail I will let you know. No need to book as far as I am aware.
• Athletics 365 information day - 25 March at Horspath (see attached flyer). This is mainly for junior group coaches. Some will have already seen these resources and we have discussed at committee and decided this is not a priority for us at the present time – but if anyone would like to go along, feel free.
• Flying coaches visit (sprints)– 23 March (see attached flyer), NB this is a Wednesday so if you wish to attend we will need to coordinate the coaching of remaining athletes. I will not be attending as I have already attended a similar session recently so could maybe cover your sprinters? Let me know. Another event for throws is likely to beb arranged shortly (subject to finding a flying coach to do this) so watch this space.
You will note that some of these events mention Oxford City. We have been included as part of the Oxfordshire Network, so please make use of these valuable opportunities for you as a coach. Oxford City are hosting.
Kay Reynolds