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Please read this advice carefully before sending a message to us
New potential members: If you are new and are thinking about joining our club please visit our How to join us page first for relevant contacts and information. You can also email us by selecting the 'membership enquiries' subject in the contact form at the bottom of this page. 
Club members: please note that this contact form should be used as the last point of contact; do not use this page as a quick questions answering service.
It is not wise to send us messages concerning athlete-coach communication i.e. asking us to pass on a message to your coach regarding yourself or others as this communication should happen between you and your coach only.
Everyone: If you still have a question after reading through all the relevant pages (many questions can be answered on our frequently asked questions page) please feel very welcome to send us a message.
Most enquiries made through the website use contact form below. However, you can contact the club secretary directly at: